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BRO Fit is a family based gym focusing on creating a community of healthy, mobile and strong people. We aim to have fun while providing a safe, motivating environment where you can be challenged and develop your mind and body.



Functional strength movements for all abilities. Building lean muscle mass.


Compound movements structured to increase the efficiency of energy systems. A fat burning blast.


Opening lines of communication. Body weight exercises designed to increase mobility, reduce injury and build a strong community culture.


Training the heart and lungs. Increasing the metabolic rate.


High Intensity intervals with varied functional moves using a combination of body weight and weights.


Other Programs


We also specialise in customised Group Training sessions and tailored Personal Training to help you reach your goals!.

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Tasmania’s first and only all inclusive fitness retreat that offers a motivating, challenging, and memorable weekend away on the beautiful East Coast.

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Our scans are the perfect way to stay on track, hit specific goals and see how your nutrition and exercise regime is changing you!

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This is one of our founding trainers Beck, the eldest ‘Bro’ and a Mumma to gorgeous little Indi. Beck has always surrounded herself with an active environment from a young age and in recent years spawned a fully fledged career in Health and Fitness. She is highly motivated to keep the community – both young & old – moving, motivated, active & healthy. Beck has racked up a few personal achievements, most notably being a team contestant on the Australian TV series of Spartan and making it to the Semi Finals with fellow ‘Bro’ Lou. She has entered multiple obstacle course based events and finished high in the rankings (usually first for the women) and also coming second in the F45 playoffs held at Manly Beach in 2016.

  • Beck loves all animals great and small and is a lover of ALL the foods, she’s also quite partial to a quiet wine.
  • Not a fan of waiting around for things to happen, standing shoulder presses, the colour pink (!) or sleeping in.
  • Beck's goals are to run the Point to Pinnacle again, learn to do walking handstands and give Indi a sibling to play with.
  • Becks favourite exercises are running and Burpees.

This is Lou – The Youngest ‘Bro’.
Lou is loud, energetic & has passion pouring out of her.
She trains others like she likes to be trained.
In the summer you will find her at the beach.
A huge lover of the ocean, outdoors and lives to push the limits.

  • Lou loves the ocean & burpees.
  • Really dislikes rust - eww to touch something rusty, makes her skin boil!
  • Lou holds one Burpee World Record and is about to attempt another!!!
  • Lou's favourite exercise, have a guess? Burpees.

This is Ed.

Ed is full of banter and warmth – he is motivated and loves taking individuals on a journey to succeed in their desired fitness goals.

He loves going on thrill-seeking outdoor adventures, enjoys a splash in the ocean and training with mates.

One of Ed’s favourites quotes is: “Surround yourself with people who push you, who challenge you, who make you laugh, who make you better, who make you happy”.

  • Ed loves sushi.
  • Not the greatest lover of cats!
  • Ed aims to be able to handstand walk an entire basketball court!!!
  • Ed's favourite exercise is kicksits.

This is Nat! 

Nat has been involved in various sports since her childhood years, but truly found her passion when introduced to the martial art of Jiu Jitsu. This prompted her to pursue a career in fitness with a focus on the unconventional to drive personal growth and athlete development. 

Nat has most recently become the 2018 Aus Sub Only Absolute Champion, 2018 ADCC Australia Absolute Gold Medallist, 2019 ADCC Oceania U/60kg Silver Medallist in Jiu Jitsu

  • Nat loves chocolate and chai lattes.
  • Hates procrastination, indecisiveness and celery!
  • Nat aims to achieve her Jiu Jitsu black belt and empower others to achieve their goals.
  • Nat's favourite exercise is deadlifts (although it's a love/hate relationship).

Our Awesome Bro'S

Beck and Lou are totally inspirational... I always walk into a friendly, kind and happy environment and leave feeling amazing!!!! This has been the best experience I've had.
Jane Appleton
Beck & Lou are not only inspiring chicks as far as their own drive & fitness go but they go above & beyond to make everyone feel welcome to their sessions no matter what your fitness levels. A great vibe every time.
Renee Frost
Real honest down to earth girls who actually care about their members! So supportive, easy to communicate with, and oh so inspiring! Love them.
Catherine Page
Are there any more stars to give?? Seriously these two girls are inspirational, so supportive and motivated to achieve! Make the decision and come along and see for yourself.
Eleni Gallagher
Loving this new fitness adventure! Great environment to smash out personal goals with endless encouragement! Thanks Lou and Bec.
Katherine Berndt
These girls will take your fitness and goals to a place that will have you not only feeling amazing but so hooked that you will never look back !!!!
Jess Langdon

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7 Bligh Street
Rosny Park, TAS 7018
Meal Machines Complex
Next to Village Cinemas

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Beck - 0427 688 830
Lou - 0438 265 185

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